How Do I…

Become Compliant?

RAY BAUM’S Act requires all businesses with MLTS to provide a dispatchable location for all devices connected to the enterprise network, both static and nomadic, as well as wired or wireless.

Design a map of your locations whether they are retail establishments, offices, or rural locations.
Label all buildings, floors, and rooms in your facility with consistent naming conventions.
Ensure emergency entrances are properly labeled.
Determine coordinates for rural properties if they don’t have an easily recognizable address.
Identify and inventory each device that can be used to dial 911 and indicate where they are located.
Identify and inventory all nomadic devices on your network.
Identify and inventory all static devices on your network.
Network Discovery
Consider how you’ll want each of the devices on your network to be discovered.
Emergency response needs to be able to determine the location of the caller.
Some states require highly specific location data for devices. If you do business across multiple states, it’s best to work closely with a NG911 solutions vendor who understands the regulations across states.